International Baccalaureate Organization


Dear IB Candidates, Alumni, Teachers and students all over the world,

Since we started the IB Documents Team, we believed in a world in which all candidates had access to free, organized, complete and up-to-date resources. We have aimed to fulfill this goal to this day.

It is with great sadness that we are now retiring completely from all IB-related activities. This means that the page and its mirror will be taken down for good. We will not answer any more emails, any more DM’s or any other form of communication. We will step down as moderators of r/IBO and the IB Discord Server. The Telegram group will be dissolved, and no more materials will be shared there or anywhere else.

The reason behind all this is because we are now going to focus on other personal projects which will not be in any way related to the IB, we just no longer have the time required to manage and maintain everything. We hope that in all these years, ibdocuments has helped you during your IB journey. The main objective was always to help everyone expecting nothing in return, and we kept that promise until the very end.

We sincerely appreciate the help of everyone involved in one way or another, it was invaluable. This would not have been possible without the collective support of this wonderful community, comprising thousands of people from all around the world. We are sure that the current and upcoming candidates have a bright future ahead and we wish the very best to all of them.

     - IB Documents Team